Best Collar for Dog Walking

Recently, I was given some great advice by my Veterinarian who is also a wonderful dog trainer due to his major involvement with pet rescue. He told me about the Martingale collar to help with dog control. As a dog walking in Mount Pleasant, SC I have found this collar to be far better than the over the shoulder harness I was used to putting on my own pup. This collar works by tightening up a bit when the dog tries to start to ‘control the walk’. I was so nervous that it would be cruel because of tightening around the neck, but my Vet explained to me that it’s just not the case. Dog’s necks are actually REALLY strong and all this collar does is make them a little uncomfortable so they stop the action which is making them uncomfortable. I’ll never go back to an over the shoulder harness again….my dog would actually slip out of those. The other harness that works great are the ones that hook underneath the dog…again this is great for control of the dog especially in those situations where they might want to run after another dog or animal. Just my two cents!