Flea & Tick Time

If you’re walking your dogs or if you have cats in Mount Pleasant, it’s important to note that fleas and ticks are relevant YEAR long, it’s certainly true that the warmer weather increases their presence. Many cat owners don’t think they run the risk, being indoor cats, but those parasites can still get to them!

I found one tick on Monkey’s head once, back when we lived in Connecticut, and I thought I was going to cry. Prevention is so important and that’s why there are a ton of good products out there. Being surrounded by Veterinarians in my career, I did learn that it’s important to know where you are buying your medicines from. A lot of the larger retail companies use products that are not authentic, even though they look to be. I use Vetsource through my Vet’s online shopping portal which means that I always know it’s authentic product. Monkey get’s Frontline Gold, but there are many pups who do better with a collar or a chew. I don’t care what you use…just use it! The outcome can be far worse off for both pup and parent without prevention.

Great article from the ASPCA regarding prevention: